The following is the report given over the Alumni Weekend to all those in attendance by the current active chapter president, Jon May.

In the past year the active chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa has seen a large improvement. Many things have happened and many of our brothers are leaders on campus. Brothers Jacob Law and Manny Pennell are on the executive board for student government. Brother Wayne Bersano also achieved the honor of being called the crowned winner of Homecoming Royalty for 2016.

We are also doing great things on our turf as well. In the previous year we initiated 15 quality  members. In the past we have focused on less quantity and more quality which is why that number may seem small. For the first time in quite a while our chapter actually has a flexible budget, that allows us to afford fundraisers and other events that we want to do.

On a national standpoint, the Sigma Epsilon chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa is improving on as well. For those that were there, the active chapter ran the 50th ritual ceremony this past summer, from memory and it went exceptionally well. The Sigma Epsilon chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa also received three awards this year one for risk management, one for technology, and one for campus involvement. In the future we hope to be running for most improved, and ultimately most outstanding.

With the help of some alumni and actives, we hope to get a working website for our chapter for the alumni to be able to see some things going on with the chapter within the next year.

This year is one of new beginnings for our chapter here at Ferris. This year for the first time we are putting on a gala for those with special needs. The event is called Hearts to Hands, and it will be run by Phi Sigma Kappa’s own Levi Cipcic. For more information on that feel free to use the website where you can donate money to help our pledged cost of $50,000.


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