The results of the Alumni Club Survey that was sent out with last month’s newsletter has been closed and the data has been compiled.It has shown the E-board areas where we can both engage more with alumni brothers as well as keep alumni brothers more engaged with the active chapter. Results are below as well as what we are doing to help fix some of the issues that were brought up.


The biggest issue seen throughout the survey answers was the need to keep brothers informed of major events, as well as keep brothers informed of who is going to the events. As you saw in the January newsletter, the February newsletter, and the blog page, we have highlighted the “Save The Dates” for both River Rampage and Homecoming to help provide brothers plenty of time to arrange trip plans to come to Big Rapids for the events.

Along with creating the Events on the Phi Sigma Kappa Alumni Facebook group, which if you are already not a member of and on Facebook, please join, I am looking into ways to have a calendar on the blog that will allow brothers to see who has said they are attending which events.

Events Throughout The Year

Another recommendation was for the Alumni Club to hold events other than Homecoming, River Rampage, and Alumni Weekend throughout the year for those who maybe couldn’t attend those events. This has led us to create a golfing event for all Metro Detroit area Alumni on June 3rd of this year. The information for that can be found here, and is also being sent out as an event to members of the Facebook group. Though it is in Metro Detroit (Troy), all alumni are welcome to attend , no matter where they live. We are also working on a Grand Rapids area Alumni meet-up this summer as well, with event and dates to be determined. If you are open to helping with any of these events, please contact Joel Nugent at with the subject line “Alumni Club Outings”, any help is greatly appreciated.

Monthly Communication From Here On

Based on survey results, brothers said that they would prefer monthly communication. AS a result, the FSU Phi Sigma Kappa Alumni Newsletter will be sent out the Thursday of the 3rd week of every month from here on out. Another issue that was brought up was that they don’t want this to become “just another email”. I will work hard to keep the newsletter up to date with active news, event updates and pictures, as well as a new “Throwback Thursday” and links to all past week “Throwback Thursdays”, so it will always have new posts and pictures to check out.

Alumni Weekend Will Be Moved To Later In The School Year

An overwhelming number of brothers were in favor of moving Alumni Weekend to the later part of the school year, particularly mid-late March or April. Not only will this allow for better weather in Big Rapids than what we usually see in January. We are looking at ways to also improve the alumni meeting event with raffles and giveaways for only those that attend the meeting, please stay tuned as we work on this.


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