During the spring semester the active chapter has been working through many goals to help ensure that they continue improve upon themselves and make the chapter better for those that will come after them. Below are the updates:

Recruitment and Chapter Size

The active chapter is currently at 31 active brothers, with 9 brothers going 3rd degree at the end of the semester.

Spring recruitment ended with the chapter associating 10 new pledges and they are currently in week 4 of pledging with having 1 dropped.

Bylaws Upgrades and Implementations

The E-board and chapter are currently going through the current bylaws working on restructuring and implementing new bylaws, for example, a bylaw concerning social probation for poor grades.

Active Chapter Website and Social Media Updates

Talked about during the Alumni weekend meeting, the active chapter is working to update that active chapter website so that it will better reflect the chapter as well as provide up to date information on what the chapter is doing, who they are, and important event dates. The chapter is looking at possibly using a 3rd party creator for the website at a price of $100/yr for the domain rights.

The chapter has also updated their Facebook page with new photos related to their recent brotherhood events and social events, if you haven’t done so already, please check it out by clicking here.

Social and Philanthropy

With Founders Day being being celebrated this week, the chapter is hosting a Founder’s Day formal at the Holiday Inn on Saturday, March 18th, all alumni are welcome, with pricing at $40/person.

Hearts to Hands, the chapters new philanthropy event designed to raise money for Special Olympics, is progressing forward and the chapter is looking forward to the awareness that the event will bring to the great cause and organization. The chapter is also looking into the possibility of hosting a 3 on 3 basketball tournament, with funds from that also going to support Special Olympics. The chapter also is working closely with the Special Olympics student organization on campus to offer their help in volunteering for any events the organization is having on or around the campus and community.

House Updates

The alumni association bought a new door for 118 Oak, which has been installed and is currently in the process of being finished up. The basement has been a major concern for the chapter, as the plumbing has backed up multiple times in a short period of time and is becoming a very serious issue.






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