First and foremost I would just like to thank all of you who have came to the blog in the past couple of months, shared photos for Throwback Thursday, and gave great feedback on everything from the survey to the newsletters. Something that stuck out was in order to help more brothers attend the social events that we hold every year was that brothers like to know who is attending the events from their time as an active member. This will be the place that will have an updated list of all brothers who plan on attending the events, so that we can all see who will be there. This list will be pulled/updated weekly from Facebook as well, so check back often. Please take a quick minute to let us know what events you plan on attending and invite others as well! We hope to see you soon!





Alumni Weekend 2018 (as of 10/2/17)

Wayne Bersano

Jacob Law

Wilson Schaub

Derek Bernath

Chris Schutz

Aaron Sanders

Jim Dallas

Joe Bauer

Scott Ewing

Jake Otto

Cody Harwood

Carlante Wallace

Brandon Paternoster

Jacob Vanboxel

Alex Gohl

Mike Tembreull

Matt Barnum

Brian Potter

Alex Grube

Jake Thams

Joel Nugent

Gerard Mayweather

Sean Maxwell

Dave Vander Beek

Samuel Simons

Drew Bradfield





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