Name: Matt McEwen

Year Initiated:

Feb 13th, 1993

Why Did You Choose Phi Sig?

I chose to rush Phi Sigma Kappa because of it’s diverse background and opportunity to grow both internally and externally with men with different values.

Nickname and Ritual Number?



Former Computer Programmer/project Manager, starting June 15, 2017 I will be a Financial Advisor with Edward Jones

Where Do You Live Now?

Berkley, MI, used to live in Orlando, FL and Atlanta, GA

Favorite Memory/Stor From When You Were Active?

So many to choose from, it’s tough to say… So I’ll go with a few big ones:

1- Kid Rock playing in the Crazy House basement on my bass rig

2- Performing with Critical Bill/Paradox on the main stage at Earth Day

2.5- Performing in the Crazy House basement after Earth Day with the Who’s Booger Blues Band (impromptu show with 300 people crammed in the house)

3- My time spent at Sawmill (both working and floating)


One thought on “Where Are They Now – Matt McEwen

  1. Great times. Kid Rock broke McEwen’s bass string. He was tearing it up. I’d concurn on top moments. Great times.



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