Name: Scott Ewing

Year Initiated: Fall 1979

Why Did You Choose Phi Sig?

I first heard about Phi Sig (epsilon) from Steve Sterns, when he came back from Ferris for a visit. (He was a year ahead of me) and was wearing a Phi Sig jacket. Upon arriving on the Ferris campus, I met some of the brothers, and decided it was for me.

Nickname & Ritual Number (If You Remember):

#0232- assigned post merger, Froggy


Coca-Cola in Paw Paw, Landlord. Freelance beer taster.

Where Do You Live Now?:

Lawton, MI

Favorite Memory/Story From When You Were Active?:

A few of us decided to go over to Central and crash their party. We had a 1/4 barrel in the car, disguised with a cowboy hat on the tap. Upon arriving they were having a mixer and I quickly hit it off with one of them. Minutes later, we were in the back seat of the car we came in. Just as the moment of glory was about to arrive, Bobby J opened up the front door, collapsed across the front seat and passed out. We had no sooner got back to business when the damn door opened again, now to the delightful sound of Bobby J puking. this really put a damper on the mood as you might imagine. so, I simply said “Sorry Babe.” and went an got Bob a water. (sigh)


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