Below is a list of questions (in bold italics) that I sent over to the current Chapter President, Jonnie May, that would help give us Alumni an update on how the chapter is doing both internally and across campus, as well as asked where we as Alumni may be able to help the active chapter out.

What are some things that the chapter needs to help with Recruitment?

Honestly I think that recruitment is solely up to us. It’s all about how we market ourselves, the only thing the alumni could provide would possibly sponsoring one of our rush events, or providing phi-sig like giveaways for each event. Possibly even a list of some of the majors that brothers had in school to use for rush like purposes.

What are some things the chapter needs in general?

I can’t think of anything in particular we need right now, but you asking the question is a start.

What is the chapter size? How are we doing compared to other fraternities?

We are at 26 Members. The other biggest is Pike and they are at 28 (maybe) we are a little above campus average.

Current chapter GPA vs. campus GPA and All Fraternity GPA?

Current Chapter Cumulative, with new members 2.65 All fraternity 2.93, All Mens 3.00 All Student 3.08

What are some goals the chapter has for the fall semester?

Have 30 bid cards signed, 25 initiated.

Begin our bunker conquest.

Put on 4 small fundraisers and 1 big one per semester.

Have 2 philanthropic events per year (and other small projects on the side)

Aid anyway we can with the Hurricane weather.

Have a full house cleanup, including everything in the garage.

Make our social media presence known, as well as our on Campus relationship known.

Get a good connection with the new Greek Advisor (DZ Alum).

Raise our cumulative GPA back up to a 3.0

Any updates on the chapter website?

Right now we are hoping to (possibly) move away from the old chapter website and moving towards using a “website builder” the old website is hard coded, and in my honest opinion it should be scrapped completely. To buy a domain, it can range from $50 a year to $100 depending on how complex the site. This could be something that the alumni organization might consider splitting with the active chapter.

When does rush take place?

Rush is the 25th – the 6th of October.
The first week of rush is homecoming.

How many brothers are graduating this semester?

This semester 2. Brother Ulrath and Brother Coughlin


One thought on “Active Chapter Update – Fall 2018

  1. Well there will be at least one Phi Sig Alum working on hurricane relief. I have a ticket to travel to St. Martin FWI for Monday to help with cleanup and rebuilding. I have been trying to get there since Jose hit, but the airport has been closed to all but military flights.
    Brother Paul Streng ’69


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