As some of you may know, the Phi Sigma Kappa Foundation is currently in the process of raising money to build the Albert D. Shonk, Jr. Archive and Educational Center within International Headquarters. As noted on the national website:

“The Archive will be a lasting host to the history and traditions of our Fraternity. These archives are the DNA that makes up who we are today. The stories that we tell and how we tell them will ensure our place in history. We are a great fraternity, and we need a place that fittingly tells that story in such a way that it will evoke pride and nostalgia for all brothers who visit.

The Educational Center will further support Phi Sigma Kappa’s mission. Which is to help our members fulfill the Phi Sigma Kappa Creed and thereby have a positive influence on society. Learning the lessons of the past in an educational space such as this will create lasting impact. The space will also include an area to produce and deliver online education and training to reach even more members. Your gifts to the Archive and Educational Center through the Foundation is a direct investment in the lives and futures of thousands of Phi Sigs!”

Phi Sigs at Ferris have pledged to raise $15,000 to have the naming rights to two different significant sections of the center in honor of Brother Rob Dertien and Brother Mark Viel. This will forever cement their contributions and love for our brotherhood at the national headquarter and also recognize that Ferris State has been a leader of the pack for decades.

The Donation form can be downloaded here: Donation Form


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