Active Chapter Advisor Report

The past year for Sigma Epsilon has had its ups and downs. We’ve seen a lot of changes and for the most part, I feel they’ll be beneficial to the organization. I’d like to thank Jake Law and his Eboard at this time for doing a great job turning the ship around and getting us headed in the right direction. If you get a chance this weekend, take a second to thank him and the rest of those guys for the hard work and long hours they put in for us.

The main area of concern for the Chapter is recruitment. The pledge classes for both semesters during the 2016 year started out decently sized (13 spring, 22 fall). Unfortunately, those numbers dropped quickly after ROA for both classes. Money has definitely been an issue for a majority of the guys that have chosen to disassociate. However, I also feel that the group has been a bit more selective in who they’ve allowed into the organization, which is best, though our membership has been slim.  Watching this group black ball and deny kids I know would have made it through just a few years ago is reassuring. The guys the Chapter has initiated are gentlemen that will make us proud as an organization; they are very goal-oriented & interactive in the group, they seem to be doing well in school and have respectable majors with promising futures, and above all they seem to be genuine people with good heads on their shoulders. So, while I say that recruitment has been the biggest problem, it’s only in terms of quantity not quality.

New Chapter President Jonnie May has made recruitment the main focal point of this coming year. He’s been working with Jake Law and former Treasurer Anthony Scalzi to budget money for a Phired Up! Recruitment Seminar and already has 15 names on a potential list. Rush doesn’t start until January 28th.  Jake Law and Kip Biby will be serving as Rush Co-Chairmen. This is also reassuring to me because Kip was rush chair and a driving force behind 24 bid cards being signed when I was President a few years ago. I trust that these two will give all that they have prior to graduating for the growth of the Chapter.

Moving forward, I feel there have been a great number of things the Chapter has done over the past year that you all should be made aware of:

  • The Chapter has shown great responsibility by effectively operating on a shoestring budget and always being ahead of schedule with the groups finances.
  • The Chapter has a great reputation on campus again. They have several leaders on campus such as the former Student Gov’t President, current Student Gov’t VP, members in executive roles on IFC, and ALL members being a part of (most holding executive roles) in other organizations on campus. Wayne Bersano was also voted Homecoming King this past fall.
  • They are in the running for Bunker; though it may be a stretch to win, they have progressed and gotten much better.
  • The Chapter started “Hearts to Hands”, a 501c3 directed by Brother Levi Cipcic. I will let him go into further details about that, but it will be a great event for Special Olympics.
  • The Chapter had a number of community service projects this past year. They volunteered at a food pantry 3 days a week, for the entirety of the Fall semester. They volunteered several times at a local church, had members volunteer in the “Rake and Run”, a Fall version of the “Big Event”. The Chapter also donated money to “Sweet Case”, which helps foster children afford suitcases needed when they travel from home to home.
  • The Chapter completely cleaned up the bylaws. They spent several weeks hammering out details and ensuring all parts were copacetic & accurate. The legislation and proposed changes to the bylaws were some of the most logical and pragmatic solutions I’ve seen in my now 8 years of being a part of this organization, and I’d like to especially thank Colin Ulrath, the previous Chapter VP, for taking so much time going through every monotonous section of the bylaws with a fine tooth comb.
  • The Chapter was recognized at Leadership School with 3 Presidential Special Achievement Awards in Risk Management, Campus Involvement, and Technology. While the Technology award was more focused on social media pages, way of recording library/tutor hours, etc. Jonnie May has been talking to Rob Dertien and plans to scrap the current site and completely start fresh with a new website.

While these things are nice to talk about, the Chapter knows there is much work to do ahead of us. I’m pleased in the direction the previous Eboard steered us and confident that it will continue over the course of the next year. A majority of the members I feel were lingering and not contributing to the goals & objectives of the Chapter have been weeded out through various means. That may upset some but it’s the truth nonetheless… a Chapter is only as good as her members. With that, there is a lot of opportunity & potential for this group; the ball is in their court if they choose to do something with that.


Respectfully submitted,

VanBoxel “2479”


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