Alumni Association News

2018 Alumni E-Board

Joel Nugent – President

Jacob VanBoxel – Vice President

Mitchell Harris – Treasurer

Shane Dunbar – Secretary

With a new year and our annual alumni meeting came changes for three seats on the Alumni Association. Jacob VanBoxel was elected Vice President, as well as Shane Dunbar being elected for Secretary.

Alumni Committees and Members

Alumni Weekend – Gary Kramer, Mark Viel, Wes Graham

Golf Outing – Jacob Vanboxel, Matt Barnum, Jason Harris

River Rampage – Jacob Vanboxel, Matt Barnum, Brian Potter, Mike Tembreull

Homecoming – Adam Umbrasas, Chris Schutz

Networking Committee (By Region)

West – Brian Potter, Chris Lutz, Chris Schutz

Central – Jacob VanBoxel, Matt Barnum

East – Joel Nugent, Alex Grube, Wes Graham, Eric Coughlin, Jason Nelson